Shallow Marine and Coastal Research Infrastructure


Our Team

The Shallow Marine and Coastal Research Infrastructure draws on expertise from SAEON, SAIAB, and the core SMCRI team. The SMCRI also supports a number of post-graduate students

SAEON Elwandle Node

Prof Tommy Bornman

Node and SMCRI Manager Plankton Ecologist

Dr Shaun Deyzel

Science and Data Coordinator Plankton Ecologist

Sean Bailey

Senior Technician

Arlene Cobb

Administrative Officer

Nozipiwo Hambaze

Science Engagement


Taryn Joshua

SMCRI Coordinator

Dr Lucienne Human


Tarryn Swartbooi​

Laboratory Technician

Tim Parker-Nance

Senior Developer

Belicia Matsha

Junior Technician: Data Systems

Cholofelo Labase​

Junior Technician: Data Infrastructure​

Imkitha Makoyi​

Junior Technician: Biodiversity Information​

Dr Shirley Parker-Nance​

BELTER Coordinator​

Dr Mfundo Bizani​

Early Career Scientist: Plankton Ecology​

Phumlile Cotiyane-Pondo​

Early Career Scientist: Plankton Ecology; PhD candidate​

Dr Xolisa Dlomo​

Oceanography Post-doc​

Imtiyaaz Malick​

Oceanographic Technician​

Werner Kuntz​

Marine Technician

Jethan D’Hotman​

Marine Technician


Ryan Palmer

Dr Taryn Murray

Matt Parkinson

Lishini Kokose​

Dr Anthony Bernard​

Koos Smith

Ferdinand Jacobs​

Thor Eriksen​

Thabo Mbuyazi​

Dr Errol Wiles​

Students (2022)

  1. Athi Mfikili (PhD, Nelson Mandela University): “Evidence of late-Holocene tsunami deposits in South African estuaries”
  2. Luca Stirnimann (PhD, University of Cape Town): “Zooplankton and phytoplankton dynamics in the open Southern Ocean and surrounding the Subantarctic islands”
  3. Ross-Lynne Gibb (PhD, Rhodes University): “Phytoplankton communities provide insight into ecosystem functioning of the Agulhas Current system”
  4. Plaxedes Rukuni (MSc, Nelson Mandela University): “Evaluation of functional diversity indexes for the mesozooplankton in Algoa Bay as proxies to assess the stability of the pelagic food web.”
  5. Sandisiwe Mafanya (MSc, Rhodes University): “Use of eco-engineering to enhance indigenous bivalve (Perna perna) communities and biodiversity: Port of East London, South Africa, as a case study”
  6. Zinzi Somana (MSc, Rhodes University): “Combining both morphological characteristics and DNA barcoding to describe the distribution and phylogeny of larval invertebrates and fishes on the east coast of South Africa”
  7. Seshnee Reddy (MSc, Rhodes University): “Larval assemblages in intertidal habitats; the use of man-made and natural structures”
  8. Brishan Kalyan (MSc, University of Witwatersrand): “Contributions to the molecular approach of using diatoms in the monitoring of coastal waters”