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The SMCRI will produce a variety of data products and services in support of scientific research and decision making at the interface of science, society and policy, locally as well as internationally. The Data Management Platform centralizes the coordination of data work-flows from the point of observation to implementation by the user. Responsibilities therefore include cleaning, verification, accessioning and effective dissemination of observational data. Infrastructural investment at the CCU allows for fast internet connection (Gigabit) and access to physical and cloud-based servers. Fast connection is operationally imperative to allow for movement of large data batches to and from servers as well as handling the constant influx of continuously transmitted data from remotely stationed sensors like Coastal Observation Moorings. To meet the demand for safe storage and effective delivery of good quality data the SMCRI will utilize existing data products already in use by SAEON and partner institutions like the Observations Database, South African Estuaries Information System (SAEIS) and the Marine Information Management System (MIMS), while remaining responsive to future needs where such resources may not be sufficient. All data and data products produced by the SMCRI will be openly available and provided unencumbered through free and timely access.