Two Oceans Sentinel Site

The Two-Oceans Sentinel Site (TOSS), situated in the cold-temperate overlap region between the Agulhas Bioregion and the South-western Cape Bioregion, is still in the development phase. It is envisaged that the site will be located between Betty’s Bay and Cape Town, incorporating False Bay and several Marine Protected Areas managed by SANParks and CapeNature. The equipment and sensors to be deployed will be similar to those in the Algoa Bay Sentinel Site, but the exact locations still need to be determined through a comprehensive consultative process. The activities in the TOSS will be similar to those taking place Two Oceans Sentinel Site in the ABSS, except that the TOSS will also include several Kelp LTER sites. Kelp forests are highly productive, protects the coast from storm surges and act as an important habitat for a range of commercially important species. Kelp is considered a good biological indicator of sea surface temperature change because the geographical limits of its distribution throughout the world are closely related to the maximum summer sea surface temperature. Close links have been forged by Kelp scientists in South Africa and the Santa Barbara Coastal Kelp LTER scientists in the USA as well as Australia.